Friday, March 15, 2013


Proposals invited: Regional Resettlement Support Center (RSC) in South Asia

Deadline- May 13, 2013 U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) is accepting proposals for Resettlement Support Center (RSC) for South Asia. The aim of this proposals is to to provide refugee processing services in support of the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program … [Read more...]

Announcement: Conference on Islamized Armenians in Istanbul

Deadline- March 20, 2013 Applicants from around the world are invited for conference on Islamized Armenians which will be organized in Istanbul on 8-10 November 2013. The objective of organizing this conference is to discuss the role of research and scholarship in the difficult processes of facing … [Read more...]

Training: WNYLE Forum: Youth Innovative Leadership and Entrepreneurship Development in India

Deadline- 20 March 2013 International applicants are invited for Workshop on Youth Innovative Leadership and Entrepreneurship Development. This program is Organized by World network of Young Leader and Entrepreneurs(WNYLE). The objective of this workshop is to strengthen youth social … [Read more...]

Applications invited: European Master’s Degree in Human Rights and Democratization

Deadline- 15 March 2013 European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratization (EIUC) is offering opportunity to pursue European Master's Degree in Human Rights and Democratization. The objective of this program is to provides students with the opportunity to share knowledge and … [Read more...]

Announcement: Innovation in Teaching Languages and Culture: International Conference

Deadline- May 31, 2013 The Institute of Language, Art and Culture (ILAC) is accepting applications for 3rd ILAC International Conference on Innovation in Teaching Languages and Culture. This conference will be held at Suan Dusit Rajabhat University, Bangkok, Thailand on July 17-18, 2013. The … [Read more...]

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Foreign Funding Projects For Ngos

we preaper the project reports for foreign funding agencies- 
we provide sample projects- 
we preaper the Detailed Project Reports (DPR) For FFAgencies- 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Ngo Consultancy Services

   Ngo Registration   Trust Registration   Society Registration
   80G Registration   Planning Commission Registration   12A Registration
   Co-operative Society Registration   FCRA Registration   35 AC Registration
   Preparation of Proposal   Follow up of Projects   Annual Report
   Organization Bye-Laws   Evaluation Report   Research Report
   Utilization Certificate   Event/ Visit Report   Presentation
   Assessment   Format Development   Concept Note
   Project Implementation   Funding Agencies   Advisory Service
   Guidance to Organization   Planning   Audit Report
   Change Report   Books of Account   Finalization of Accounts
   Income Tax Returns   ROC Matters   Domain Registration
   Web Designing   Web Development

   Software Development

Thursday, February 9, 2012

International founding Foundation, International Founding Charity, International Founding

International List of NGOs 
International founding Foundation, International Founding Charity, International Founding Ministries, International Founding Society, International Founding Charitable Trust, International Founding Organizations, International Association, International Women Development Foundation,

Seva Mandir 
Smile Foundation 
Sphere URS 
S R Trust 
Dr. Shankar Dayal Singh Vikas Sanstha 
S A V Gupta Educational Society 
S B I Officers' Association Educational Trust 
S C S School Welfare Project 
S D A Engm. E D Res. School 
S E C Day School 
S F S Bhavan 
S Gandeshwar Adivasi Yuvak Mandal 
S H Adoration Convent 
S H Adoration Province 
S H Carmelite Convent 
S H Congregation(sacred Heart Congregation) St. Joseph's Province 
S H Congregsation Jyothi Province, 
S H Convent 
S H Hospital 
S H Medical Centre 
S H Monastery 
S H Region Carmelite Convent 
S K Chaudhary Educational Trust 
S K D Gramothan Samati 
S Khadasali Phal & Shak Bhaji Utpadak Sahakari Mandali 
S Khalbarh Gram Vikas Mandal 
S N D T - Postgraduate Studies and Research in Home Science 
S. H.Provincial House 
S.b.devi Charity Home 
S.C, S.T. B.C's Welfare Society 
S.c.r.s To Physically Handicapped In India 
S.D.A. High School 
S.D.Institute for the Blind 
S.D.V.S. Ashaktashram Hospital 
S.F. Tailoring Tranining Centre 
S.George's Public Educational Society 
S.H. Congregntion 
S.h. Laboratory 
S.H.Seminary Dio Of Alleppey 
S.J M Hospital Medical Education And Research Society 
S.J.Jindal Trust 
S.J.Saves Trust 
S.l. V Educational And Wealth Association 
S.M. Joshi Socialist Foundation 
S.M.Kumar Educational And Social Welfare Trust 
S.M.M. Welfare Charitable Trust 
S.N.D.T. College Of Home Sciences 
S.N.D.T. Kanyashala 
S.N.S. Foundation Anand Welfare Center Gabriel India Ltd. 
S.n.s.(nishal ) Foundation 
S.P.K.Educational Trust 
Sa - Dahn 
Sa Tucker Girls Hostel 
Saar Network for Education 
Saarve Bhaum Brahmarishi Yog Siksha Seva 
Saath Charitable Trust 
Saathi Samaj Seva Sanstha 
Saaz Foundation 
Sabala SS 
Sabang Vivekanand Club 
Sabar Yyuvak Vikas Mandal 
Sabaramati Samiti 
Sabari Educational and Charitable Trust 
Sabari Educational Society 
Sabari Girijana Mahila Mandali 
Sabarkantha Jesuit Education Society 
Sabarkantha Jilla Rachanatmak Sangh 
Sabarkantha Jilla Table Tennis Association 
Sabarkantha Jilla Yuvak Mandal 
Sabarmati Seva Sangh 
Sabitrapur Palli Unnayan Sangha 'O' 
Sabju Biplob and Palli Unnayan Samity 
Sabuj Biplob and Palli Unnayan Samity 
Sabuj Sansad 
Sabuja Biplav Adarsh 
Saccidanand Ashram Catholic Church 
Saccidand Education Society 
Saccidanda Ashram 
Sacha Vedic Sanstha Sach Dham 
Sachidanada Prakruthik Shethram Trust 
Sachidanand Seva Samaj Trust 
Sachidananda Vidyalaya Trust 
SACIWATERS South Asia Consortium of Interdiscplinary Water Resources Studies 
Sacred Heart 
Sacred Heart Brothers 
Sacred Heart Catholic Church 
Sacred Heart Childrens Home 
Sacred Heart Church 
Sacred Heart College 
Sacred Heart Congregation 
Sacred Heart Convent 
Sacred Heart Dispensary 
Sacred Heart Generalate 
Sacred Heart Health Centre 
Sacred Heart High School 
Sacred Heart Home for Girls Society 
Sacred Heart Hospital 
Sacred Heart Marine Research 
Sacred Heart Mission Hospital 
Sacred Heart Monastery 
Sacred Heart Mount Monastery 
Sacred Heart of Medical Trust of St J.P.Christhu 
Sacred Heart Orphanage 
Sacred Heart Parish Society 
Sacred Heart Philosophy College 
Sacred Heart Province 
Sacred Heart Provincial House 
Sacred Heart Provincialate 
Sacred Heart Salesian Sisters Society 
Sacred Heart Study House 
Sacred Hearts Fathers Society 
SACSAS Academy 
Sadan Sewa Sansthan 
Sadana Asom Gramya Puthibaral Sangha 
Sadanand Trust 
Sadar Mission Primary School 
Sadar Naboyuvak Mandal 
Sadashiv Shanti Shiksha Samiti 
Sadasiva Seva Pratishthan 
Sadat Pur Bidyutbahin 
Sadau Asom Gramya Puthibharal Sanstha - Non formal 
Sadayanodai Ilainagar Naripani Mandram 
Sadbhav Mission 
Sadbhavana Trust 
Sadbhavna Rural Development Trust 
Sadbhavna Seva Evam Shiksha Rajani 
Sadbhavna Seva Evam Shikshan Sansthan 
Sadhana Educational Resource Centre 
Sadhana Institute 
Sadhana Institute for Sustainable Development 
Sadhana Mandir Trust 
Sadhana Rural Foundation 
Sadhana Sangama Trust 
Sadhana Society for The Mentally 
Sadhana Society for The Mentally Handicapped 
Sadhana Trust 
Sadhana Village 
Sadhana Vinay Mandir 
Sadharan Brahmo Samaj 
Sadhbhavana Gram Vikas Sansthan 
Sadhna Bhawan Trust 
Sadhna Seva Mandir 
Sadhu Bata Gomati Ashram 
Sadhu Mandal Karar Ashram 
Sadhu Sevana Sabha 
Sadhu Vaswani International School 
Sadhu Vaswani Mission 
Sadhubaba Seba Mission 
Sadjyota Charitable Trust 
Sadoccha Kalyan Rehabilitation Centre 
Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiya Qudian 
Sadu Koireng Youth Club 
Sadvichar Parivar 
Sadvichar Parivar Mata 
Safa Childrens Society 
Safety Action Group 
Safety Action Group Alkapuri 
Sagar Diocesan Service Society 
Sagar Mahila Evam Bal Samiti 
Sagar Mahila Kalyan Samiti 
Sagar Sewa Samiti 
Sagara Theaters 
Sagaranadu Education and Development Society 
Sagardeep Nagendraganj Madrasah Anjuman-e- Muslihul Millat 
Sagarpara Versatile Rural Development Society 
Sagaya Matha Health Education Social Service Society 
Sagaya Matha Hospital 
Sagayinagar Roman Catholic Mission 
Saghan Kshetra Vikas Samiti 
Saghan Kshetra Yojna 
Sago Dharma 
Sagolband Nepra Menjor Mamang Leikai 
Saha Adarsh Sewa Samiti 
Saha Bal Vikas Society 
Saha Nivasa 
Sahaayata Ramayapet 
Sahabhagi Shikshan Kendra 
Sahabhagi Vikas Kalyan 
Sahabhagi Vikash Abhiyan 
Sahachari Trust 
Sahai Charitable Trust 
Sahai Trust 
Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation 
Sahaj Sansthan 
Sahaj Seva Samsthan 
Sahaj Vadodara 
Sahaja Women Welfare Society 
Sahakar Education and Social Welfare Society 
Sahapur Gram Unnayan Samity 
Sahapur Tarun Chakra 
Sahara Academy 
Sahara Centre for Care 
Sahara Delhi 
Sahara Hyderabad 
Sahara Manovikash Kendra 
Sahara Orissa 
Sahara Social Trust 
Sahara Swaichhik Sangathan 
Sahara Utsarga Welfare Society 
Sahara Women and Childrens Home 
Sahas Seva Sansthan 
Sahas Society for The Welfare of Mentally Disabled 
Sahasra Deepika Institute for Education 
Sahavikas Western U.P. Branch 
Sahayadari Vikas Mandal 
Sahayagiri Hospital 
Sahayata Mahila Mandal 
Sahayata Trust 
Sahayi Centre College of Learning Action 
Sahayogi Mahila 
Sahayogini Trust House 
Sahayta Charitable Welfare Society 
Sahbhagi Gramin Vikas Samiti 
Sahbhagi Shikshan Kendra 
Sahdai Bal Vidya Mandir Nursery and Primary Vidyalaya 
Saheed Arakhita Club 
Saheed Yuba Sangha 
Saheli Adhyayan Kendra 
Saheli Slum Children and Women Development Association 
Sahid Arakhita Club 
Sahid Boga Pujari Seva Sadan 
Sahid Lazman Jubak Sangha 
Sahil Educational Society 
Sahisnatha Educational and Charitable Trust 
Sahosa Health and Education Society 
Sahpur Youth Club 
Sahridaya Physically Handicapped Samaj 
Sahrudaya Integrated Development 
Sahrudaya Services and Charities SH Provincial House 
Sahyadhri Rural Development Self Employment Society 
Sahyadri Gram Vikas and Shikshan Sanstha 
Sahyadri Vikas Mandal Charity Trust 
Sahyog : Vatwa Refugee Camp 
Sahyog A Network of NGOs 
Sahyog Bal Shravan Viklang Kalyan Samiti 
Sahyog Charitable Trust 
Sahyog Kush Tnayagna Trust 
Sahyog Kustayagna Trust 
Sahyog Narayangarh 
Sahyog Nirmiti 
Sahyog Pariwar 
Sahyog Pratishthan 
Sahyog Samajik Sansthan 
Sahyog Sansthan 
Sahyog Sarvodaya Mandal 
Sahyog Shakti 
Sahyog Shakti Punj 
Sahyog Shikshan Avam Prashikshan Sanasthan 
Sahyog Society for Participatory of Mentally Disabled 
Sahyog Trust 
Sahyogi Damaj Kalyan Kendra 
Sai Educational & Development Society 
Sai Engineering Foundation 
Sai Gayathri Education Society 
Sai Kirpa Mahila Bal Vikas Sansthan 
Sai Kripa 
Sai Latha Association for Integrated Development 
Sai Oral Health Foundation 
Sai Prem Gramin Vikas Sanstha 
Sai Sanskar Sanstha 
Sai Saraswathi Educational Society 
Sai Seva Sangh 
Sai Sevabhavi Trust 
Sai Sewa Sangh Charitable Trust 
Sai Sewa Sansthan 
Sai Shradha Charitable Sansthan 
Sai Sudhir Educational Society 
Saibaba Educational Trust School 
Saibaba Mahila Sangham 
Saichaitanya Manava Vikas Samithi 
Saida Gramodyog Sansthan 
SAIDS Society for Integrated Development Services 
Saifee Medicare Centre 
Saifee Women and Children Health Centre 
Sailaha Mahila Mandali 
Sainath Charitable Trust 
Sainath Shiksha Prasarak Mandal 
Saing Bonjace Anbaham 
Saini Education Society 
Saini Speech and Hearing Clinic 
Sainik Mahila Prashikshan Sansthan 
Sainpukur Matri Seviksa Samiti 
Saint Francis Catholic Chruch Society 
Saint George Diara 
Saint Joseph Education Society 
Saint Josephs Charitable Society 
Saint Josephs Convent Mission Quarters 
Saint Mary's Church 
Saint Marys Hospital 
Saint Marys Service Society 
Saint Thomas Trust 
Saint Vincent Charitable Trust 
Sairam Mahila Samaja 
Sakal India Foundation 
Sakav Pen Prakalp 
Saket Kalyan Samiti 
Saket Mahila Mandal Kalyan 
Saket Mahila Sansthan 
Saket Samaj Seva Samiti 
Saketh Seva Sangh 
Sakhi Kendra 
Sakhya Anti Dowry Guidance Cell 
Saksharta Akshara Sangam 
Sakshi India Centre 
Sakshyana Khurda 
Sakthi Nature Cure Research and Service Centre 
Sakthi Trust 
Saktipada Das Memorial Foundation 
Saktipur Lohit Sangha 
Sakuntala Gramodyog and Social Action 
Sakuntala Mahila Mandali 
Sakya Centre 
Sakya College 
Sakya Kunga Shedup Ling Monastery 
Sakya Nunnery 
Sakya Tibetan Society 
Salafi Charitable Trust 
Salafi Dawa Centre 
Salafia Education and Welfare Trust 
Salam Balak Trust 
Salam Young Learners Development Association 
Salehdanga Madrasah Darul Uloom Ehya - Us - Sunnah 
Salem Diocese Society 
Salem Girls Higher Secondatry School 
Salem Orphanage 
Salem Pallotine Society 
Salem Round Table 
Salem Social Service Society 
Salers Gospel Centre 
Salesian College Childrens Aid 
Salesian College Sonada Society 
Salesian Cooperators Social Welfare Society 
Salesian Province of Calcutta 
Salesian Sisters of North East India 
Salesian Sisters Society 
Salesian Society of Don Bosco 
Salesian Training Institute 
Salesians of Don Bosco 
Salesians of Don Bosco North East India Sacred Heart College 
Salfia Muslim Educational Resesarch Trust 
Salgadia Happy and Holy Home Society 
Salika Garchak Vivekananda Seva Sangha 
Salim Ali Center for Ornithology and Natural History 
Salipur Kishove Nagar Yuba Pachishoa 
Saltlake Multi Purpose Industrial Coop Society 
Salute Ministries 
Salvation Army Hiv Aids Counselling Centre 
Salvation Army Social Service 
Salvation Army Women Children Home 
Salvatorians Society 
Sam Educational Trust 
Samadhan Charitable Trust 
Samadhan Foundation 
Samadhan Manav Seva Sansthan 
Samadhan Vasudha 
Samadhan, Madhubani 
Samagra Bikas Parishad 
Samagra Gram Seva Mandal 
Samagra Gram Swarjya Sangh 
Samagra Grameena Ashram 
Samagra Gramin Vikas Sewa Sansthan 
Samagra Lok Sewa Sansthan 
Samagra Seva Ashram 
Samagra Seva Kendra 
Samagra Shikshan Evam Vikas Sansthan 
Samagra Vikas Lok Samiti 
Samagra Vikas Samitee 
Samagra Vikas Sansthan 
Samagra Vikas Social Service Society 
Samagra Vikas Trust 
Samagra Vikas Trust - Nonformal 
Samagrah Gram Seva Mandal 
Samagrah Lok Hit Sewashram 
Samaikya Archanapuram 
Samaj Bharati 
Samaj Bibartan Karma Kuthir 
Samaj Bikash Parishad 
Samaj Bikeshm Kendra 
Samaj Chetna Uthan Samiti 
Samaj Hitkalyan Samiti Sector 
Samaj Kalyan Avem Vikas Mandal 
Samaj Kalyan Awam Bal Vikash Parishad 
Samaj Kalyan Chikitsa Sewa Sansthan 
Samaj Kalyan Evam Vikas Adhyayan Kendra 
Samaj Kalyan Gramodyog Sansthan 
Samaj Kalyan Krishi Pasupalan Evam Takniki Shiksha Kendra 
Samaj Kalyan Mahila Samity 
Samaj Kalyan Mandal 
Samaj Kalyan Samiti 
Samaj Kalyan Sangh 
samaj Kalyan Vikas Seva Sanstha 
Samaj Kalyankari Vaidyakiy Samaj Sanstha 
Samaj Kendra Society 
Samaj Parivartan Kendra 
Samaj Parivartana Samudaya 
Samaj Pragati Kendra 
Samaj Pragati Sahayog Garhi 
Samaj Samata and Vikas Sanstha 
Samaj Seva Evam Shikshan Sansthan 
Samaj Seva Kendra 
Samaj Seva Samity 
Samaj Seva Sangh 
Samaj Sewa Sansthan 
Samaj Sewa Welfare Society 
Samaj Sudhar Samittee 
Samaj Sudhar Society 
Samaj Unnayan Centre 
Samaj Unnayan Samsad 
Samaj Vikas Gramodyog 
Samaj Vikas Kendra 
Samaj Vikas Mandal 
Samaj Vikas Paryatan Kendra 
Samaj Vikas Prakalp Nanbhat 
Samaj Vikas Prayatna Kendra 
Samaj Vikas Sanstha 
Samaja Samparka Vedike 
Samaja Seva Samithi 
Samaja Vikasa Kendra Trust 
Samajik Aarthik Vikas Sanstha 
Samajik Arithik Vikas Samiti 
Samajik Bahuaddeshiya Samstha 
Samajik Chetna Tantra 
Samajik Lok Sewa Sanstha 
Samajik Navnirman Sanstha 
Samajik Parivartan Sansthan 
Samajik Samasya Nivaran Awam Kalyan Sansthan 
Samajik Sanrachana Samiti 
Samajik Seva Sadan 
Samajik Seva Samiti 
Samajik Shaikshanik Vikas Kendra 
Samajik Shodh Evam Vikas Kendra 
Samajik Uthan Evam Gramin Vikas Sansthan 
Samajik Vikas Evam Computer Prashikshan Samiti 
Samajik Vikas Kendra 
Samajik Vikas Sansthan 
Samajika Parivartana Vikas Kendra 
Samajika Vikasa Kendram 
Samajwadi Mahila Sabha 
Samaleswari Club 
Samanvay Ashram 
Samanvay Dhyan Sadhan Kendra 
Samanvay Resource Center 
Samanvay Tirth 
Samanvay Trith Prabhavayi Gram 
Samanvaya Theologate Trust 
Samanvit Gram Vikas Samiti 
Samanvit Vikas Evam Paryavaran Sewa Sansthan 
Samanway Ashram 
Samanwita Gramya Unnayan Samiti 
Samarak Nidhi Trust 
Samaritan Association 
Samaritan Gramodharan Samithy 
Samaritan Services of Bangalore 
Samaritan Sisters 
Samaritan Social Service Society 
Samaritan Society 
Samaritan Society of Mizoram 
Samaritan Srs. St. Pauls Convent 
Samaritan's Associations for the Blind 
Samaritans Charitable Trust 
Samaritans Rural Development Services 
Samarpan Care Awareness and Rehabilitation Centre 
Samarpan Charitable Trust 
Samarpan Charities 
Samarpan Jan Kalyan Samiti 
Samarpan Sansthan 
Samarpan Sewa Samiti 
SAMARPANA Non- Government Voluntary Organisation, 
Samarpit Sewa Sansthan 
Samarpit Social Welfare Sansthan 
SAMARTH - The Professionals 
Samarth Ramdas Swami Pablic Health, Education. & Agricultural Dev. Sanstha 
Samarth Swami Mahila Mandal 
Samarthan Centre For Development Support 
Samarthan, Mumbai 
Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled 
Samastha Gujarat Samajik Sanstha Mandal 
Samastha Kerala Fund 
Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Muallimeen Centre Council (S K J M ) 
Samastha Samaskarika Vedi 
Samata Gram Seva Sansthan 
Samata Lok Shikhshana Samiti 
Samata Prathisthan 
Samata Samajik Vikas Sanstha 
Samata Shikshan Prasarak Mandal 
Samata Shikshan Sansthan 
Samata Vichar Prasarak Sanstha 
Samatal Sanstha 
Samatamulak Samaj Vikas Kendra 
Samatat Sanstha 
Samatha - Women and Children Development Society 
Samatha Mahila Vedika 
Samatha Seva Samiti 
Samatha Society for Rural Education and Development 
Samatvam Science and Research for Human Welfare Trust 
Samaya Sweekruta Trust 
Sambalpur Integrated Developement Institute 
Sambalpur Integrated Development 
Sambalpur Social Service Society 
Sambhav Foundation for Sustainable Development Project 
Sambhav Social Service Organisation 
Sambhavana Gurukulam Campus 
Sambhavna Clinic 
Sambodhi Shikshan Prasark Mandal 
Samdarshi Sena Kendra 
Sameem Mahila Mandali 
Samekit Gramin Vikas Kendra 
Samekit Jan Vikas Kendra 
Samel Foundation Charitable India Trust 
Samerth Charitable Trust Samerth 
Samhathi Ashramam 
Samira Yubak Mandal 
Samitra Sabha 
Samjee Pappy Kallimes Church Of Christ 
Samjik Chetana Tantra 
Samjoel Trust 
Sammanoy Gut Cooperative Society Ltd 
Samoohaya Kshema Vanitha Samajam 
Sampada Gramin Mahila Sanstha 
Sampada Gramin Mahila Society 
Sampada Trust Paryavaran 
Sampark Bhandari Complex 
Sampark Samaj Seva Sanstha 
Sampasa Grameen Mahila Sanstha 
Sampradaan Indian Centre For Philanthropy 
Sampurna (The Overall Development) 
Sampurna Centre for Womens Empowerment and Social Development 
Sampurna Gram Vikas Kendra 
Samrakshan Trust 
Samresh Foundation 
Samridhy Social Service Society 
Samriti Samaj Kalyan Sansthan 
Samruddi H.Byadarahalli 
Samsabad Sarberia Majharul Islam Madrasah 
Samsi Emmanuel People Development Society 
Samsia Milan Sangha 
Samsia Rural Health & Economic Development Society 
Samskar Bhd. Sowbhagya Thtre 
Samskar Nasthika 
Samskar Organisation 
Samskar Rural Development Welfare Association 
Samta Gram Vikas Samiti 
Samta Shiksha Samiti 
Samta Yuva Mandal 
Samten Tse Charitable Society 
Samuchit Shikshan Sanstha 
Samudayik Viklang Vidhva, Vridh Dalit Vikas Samiti 
Samudhaaya Foundation 
Samuel Asylum And Association For Rehabiliting The Running Trust 
Samuel Foundation Charitable Trust 
Samuel Hahneman Associates & Research Centre 
Samuel Pakyandan Home Children Incorporated 
Samuel Rural Development Project 
Samuga Arokia Grama Ariviyal Yuga Academy 
Samuha Vikas Bahaeajhola 
Samuhyaneethi Mela 
Samuthaya Nalivutror Marumalarchi Sangam 
Samvad Samajik Sansthan 
Samvad Society for Advocacy & Development 
Samvada B Grace 
Samvardhan - Association for Propagation of Indigenous Genetic Resources 
Samveda Training and Research Centre, 
Samvedana Foundation 
Samvedna Integrated Development Association 
Samvit Sagar Trust 
Samwad Samajik Sansthan 
Samya Samaj 
Samyak Dnyan Prasarak Sanstha 
Samyogita Kallata 
Samyukt Gujarati Samaj (Karnataka) 
San Joe Nilayam 
San Jose Charitable Trust 
San Juan Bhavan Apostalic Bm College 
San R. Welfare Society 
San Thome Study House 
San Thome Vincentian Society 
Sana Educational Society 
Sanatan Dharm Intermediate College 
Sanatan Hindu Samaj Seva Trust 
Sanatan Rishikul Ashram Seva Trust 
Sanathana Adwaitha Ashram (shri Rajendra) 
Sanchal Foundation 
Sanchar Evam Gramin Vokas Sansthan 
Sancheti Institute for Orthopedics and Rehabilitation 
Sanchetna Community Health Research Centre 
Sanchi Shikshan Mandal 
Sanchit Vikas Sansthan 
Sandarshan Institute for Counselling and Personal Growth 
Sandeep Seva Nilayam 
Sandhani Mahila Samiti 
Sandhi Niketan Shikshan Sanstha 
Sandhy Mahila Mandali 
Sandhya Chaya Vrudhaashram 
Sandhya Jyothi Home for the Aged 
Sandhya Rural Development Society 
Sandhyadeep -Society Of Helpers Of Mary 
Sandipani Gurukul 
Sandnya Sanwardhan Sanstha 
Sandur Kushala Kala Kendra 
Sandya Deepa 
Sane And Enthusiats Volunteers Association of Calcutta 
Sane Guruji Manav Seva Sangh 
Sane Guruji Shikshan 
Sane India 
Sang Nagar Arts Shikshan Prasarak Sanstha 
Sangaiprou Naga Youth Association 
Sangam Foundation 
Sangam Mahila Kalyani Shiksha Samiti 
Sangam Nagar Shiksha Samiti 
Sangam World Centre Of Girl Guide & Scout 
Sangameswara Educational Society 
Sangamithra Development Association 
Sangamithra Yuvajana Sangham 
Sangamitra Seva Samithi 
Sangata Sahabhagi Gramin Vikas Sansthan 
Sangath Centre For Knowledge Development 
Sangeet Kala Sangham 
Sangeet Kislaya Sansthan 
Sangeet Natak Parishad 
Sangeet Sadhna Mandir 
Sangh Atma Bodhi 
Sangha Mitra 
Sanghamithra Rural Financial services 
Sanghamitra Rural Finance 
Sanghamitra Rural Financial Services 
Sanghamitra Service Society 
Sanghamitra Vasant Kunj, 
Sangharsh Sanstha 
Sangharsha Bahu Uddeshiya Sanstha 
Sanghatana Vedike Compound 
Sanghatitha Pedda 
Sanghmitra Institute of Human Resource and National Understanding 
Sanghmitra Service Society 
Sanghmitra Seva Samiti 
Sangitha Charitable Trust 
Sangli Industrial School 
Sangli Mission Society 
Sangmeshwara Education Society 
Sangna Mitra Shikshan Sanstha & Gramin Vikas Samiti 
Sangram Education Society 
Sangram Sangamner (Sangam Gram Vikas Mandal) 
Sangrami Voluntary Organisation 
Sangye Chowling Tibetan Buddhist Association 
Sanion Ka Sangthan Nagari Gaon 
Sanjay Bal Seva Sansthan 
Sanjay Gandhi Educational Society 
Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Orphanage & Boarding Home 
Sanjay Gandhi Panchsutri 
Sanjay Gandhi Seva Sansthan 
Sanjay Memorial Technical Educational Society 
Sanjay Youth Organisation 
Sanjaya Kustha Seva Samity 
Sanjaya Smruthi Shikshya Sans Parisad 
Sanjeev Seva Samiti 
Sanjeevan Medical Foundation's and Shri Siddhi Vinayak Ganapati Cancer Hospital 
Sanjeevani Charitable Trust 
Sanjeevani Gramin Vikas Sanstha 
Sanjeevani Service Society Narsinghpur 
Sanjeevani Social Welfare Society 
Sanjeevani Welfare Association 
Sanjeevi Seva Sangam 
Sanjeewan Vidyalaya Trust 
Sanjha Manch 
Sanjiboni Unnyan Sanstha 
Sanjivan Ashram 
Sanjivani Medical Training Centre 
Sanjivini Agrotech Foundation 
Sanjivini Arogya Trust 
Sanjivini Society for Mental Health 
Sanjivini Trust 
Sanjivni Arogya Trust 
Sanjmeshwara Education Society 
Sanjo Bhavan Orphanage 
Sanjo Bhawan 
Sanjoe Hospital 
Sanjos Ashram 
Sankalp Gram Vikas Samiti 
Sankalp Sanskritik Samiti 
Sankalp Seva Sansthan 
Sankalp Swasth Sewa Samiti 
Sankar Development Foundation 
Sankar Foundation 
Sankar Jyoti Sangha 
Sankara Bhaktha Sabha 
Sankat Mochan Foundation 
Sankat Nivaran Society 
Sankeshwar Mission Hospital And Trust 
Sanket Information and Research Agency 
Sanket Integrated Development Society 
Sankshema - Sushiruta Cancer Theropy & Research Institute 
Sankurathri Foundation 
Sanlaap Womens Resource Centre 
Sanmarga Gurukulam 
Sanmathi Education and Rural Development Society 
Sanmitra Charitable Trust and Research Foundation, Akola 
Sannidhana Ashram 
Sannihita Centre for Women and Girl Children Society 
Sanphan Education 
Sanskar Bharati 
Sanskar Dham 
Sanskar Joti 
Sanskar Pratishthan 
Sanskar Shiksha Samiti 
Sanskar Wahini Gram Vikas Shikshan Sanstha 
Sanskrit Vidya Parisanstha 
Sanskriti Dutsons Builders & Estates Pvt ltd. 
Sanskriti O Samaj Unnayan Parishad 
Sanskriti Pratishthan 
Sanskriti Samvardhan Mandal 
Sanskriti Vihar 
Sanskruti Vikas Parishad 
Sanskrutik Mahila Mandal 
Sant Gadge Maharaj Bhatki Jati Jamati Shikshan Prasarak Mandal 
Sant Gora Kumbhar Shikshan Sanstha 
Sant Kabir Shikshan Prasark Mandal - Non Formal 
Sant Kabir Social Institution 
Sant Kabir Vidya Prasarak Society 
Sant Kabirdas Education Society Gulbarga 
Sant Namdeo Bahu Uddeshiya Shikshan Sanstha 
Sant Namdeo Sevabhavi Sansthan 
Sant Nischal Singh Public School 
Sant Ravidas Samaj Seva Mandal 
Sant Sevadas Maharaj Yuvak Kalyan Krida Shikshan Prasarak Mandal 
Sant Shree Ashram 
Sant Shri Asaramji Mahila Utthan Ashram 
Santa Maria Trust 
Santa Teresa Convent 
Santal Paharia Seva Mandal 
Santal Pargna Vikas And Seva Sansthan 
Santh Kabir Vachanalay 
Santhal Pargana Anthodaya Ashram 
Santhal Pargana Gramodyog Samiti 
Santhal Pargana Gramodyog Sansthan 
Santhana Human Welfare And Education Trust 
Santhi Ashram 
Santhi Bhavan 
Santhi Bhavan Clarist Convent 
Santhi Bhavan Educaion 
Santhi Bhavan Orphanage Guild Of Charity 
Santhi Bhavan Social Centre 
Santhi Bhavan Social Centre Of Physically Handicapped 
Santhi Charitable Society 
Santhi Integrated Rural Development and Educational Society 
Santhi Integrated Rural Development Education Society 
Santhi Nilayam (Samaritan Sisters) 
Santhi Social Service Association 
Santhi Trust 
Santhi Tuberculosis Elimination Programme 
Santhigiri Ashramam 
Santhigram Chowara 
Santhigram Welfare Centre Economic, Educational, Social Sarvadesseya 
Santhipuram Convent 
Santhisadhana Rural Development Society 
Santhom Convent 
Santhome Charitable Trust Of Kalyan 
Santhome Orphanage 
Santhosh Bharathi Trust 
Santhosh Bhavan Orphanage 
Santhosh Bhavan Social Centre 
Santhosh Rural Education Society 
Santhoshalayam Social Centre 
Santhoshi Mahila Abhyavadaya Samiti 
Santhshi Mahila Sangathan Sabha 
Santhynikethan Kerala Forum 
Santi Bhavan 
Santi Mahila Avam Bal Vikash Sansthan 
Santi Sangha 
Santineketan Sishu Tirtha 
Santiniketan Academy Of Medical Study And Research 
Santipur Heavenly Bliss 
Santivan Shetkari Seva Mandal 
Santokba Durlabhji Trust 
Santosh Education Society 
Santosh Education Society, Karim Nagar 
Santosh Nagar Sadharan 
Santosha Nanban 
Santoshi Mata Mahila Vikas Sanstha 
Santoshi Mata Samity 
Santragachi St. Francis Seva Samity 
Santram Jana Sewa Trust 
Sanyasa-institute Of Consecrated Life 
Sanyukta Nepali Satyashodhak Peede of Motisla Sangh 
Saontalpur Mission Boys Hostel 
Saorabheria Kalimata Nattya Samaj 
SAP INDIA - South Asia Partnership India 
Sapna Grameen Udyog 
SAPREM (Social Aspiration for Participatory Reforms by Evolved Manpower) 
Saptagram D.v. Sr.madrasa Edu. Society 
Sapthami Trust 
Saqafathul Islamiya Arabic Collegeff Calicut 
Sarabhai Foundation 
Sarada Educational Society 
Sarada Health and Social Services 
Sarada Home Craft 
Sarada Kalyan Bhandar Sect 
Sarada Mata Mahila Mandali - Non-Formal 
Sarada Punnyasaram 
Sarada Seva Samithi - Non-Formal 
Sarada Society for Care & Counselling of AIDS 
Sarada Valley Development Samithi 
Saradamani Nari Kalyan Samity 
Saradamayee Nari Kalyan Samity 
Sarah Mahila Mandal 
Saraighat Janagana Yuvak Sangha 
Sarakki Lakshmi Mahila Kala Samaja 
Saramas Charitable Trust 
Saran Zila Gram Vikas Sansthan 
Saran Zilla Samagra Vikas Seva Sansthan 
Saranalayam Social Centre 
Sarang Foundation 
Saransh Sanstha 
Saransthan Children Home 
Saransthan Hospital 
Saras Trust 
Saraspur Seva Trust 
Saraswathi Educational Cultural And Charitable Trust 
Saraswathi Vidya Mandir 
Saraswathi Vidya Samithi 
Saraswathi Women Educational Service Training Improvement Centre 
Saraswathy Shanmugam Public Charitable Trust 
Saraswati Anath Shikshan Ashram 
Saraswati Central Academy Educational Society 
Saraswati Devi Siksha Samiti 
Saraswati Mahila Kalyan Samiti 
Saraswati Mandir School for Mentally Retarded Children 
Saraswati Scientific Education Trust 
Saraswati Shikshan Mahila Mandal 
Saraswati Vidyalaya Shikshan Sansthan 
Saraswati Vidyamandal Trust 
Sarat Chandra Gramin 
Sarat Chandra Roy Institute of Anthropological Studies 
Sarat Smriti Sangha 
Sarathi (Friends of Artists in Need) 
Sarathi Development Foundation 
Sarba Mangal Yubak Sangha 
Sarba Shant Sahyog 
Sarba Shanti Ayog 
Sarbahara Sangha 
Sarbanne Institute Of Foreign Languages 
Sarbaseva Jankalyan Anusthan 
Sarberia Mozzaddedia Etimkhana 
Sarbik Gram Unnayan Sangha 
Sarbik Palli Kalyan Kendra 
Sarbodata Samajika Kendra 
Sarboday Sangha 
Sarbodaya Kendra 
Sarbodaya Seva Samiti 
Sarbodaya Vikash Samiti 
Sarda Ashram Welfare Home 
Sarda Educational Society 
Sarda Kanya Sangha 
Sarda Ramakrishna (sishu O M S Shram) 
Sarda Seva Sangh 
Sarda Valley Development Project 
Sarda Vihar Jankalyan Samiti 
Sardar Bhagwan Singh Govind Sewa Sansthan 
Sardar Development Foundation 
Sardar Patel Institue of Economic and Social Research 
Sardar Patel Renewable Energy Research Institute 
Sardar Patel Trust 
Sardar Patel University 
Sardar Patel Vidya Bhawan 
Sardar Patel Yuvak Mandal 
Sardar Smarak Hospital Trust 
Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Smarak Vidyalaya 
Sardar Vallabhbhai Education Trust 
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Education Society 
Sardoya Youth Association 
Sarenga Christian Boys Hostel 
Sargam Club 
Sargam Kala Parishad 
Sarita Sanstha 
Sarjivan Kalyan Samiti 
Sarodaya Educational & Voluntary Association 
Saroj Charitable Trust 
Saroj Nalini Dutt Memorial Association 
Saroj Nalini Family Helper Project 
Sarojini Education & Voluntary Action (R) 
Sarojini Mahila Mandali 
Sarojini Naidu Mahila Samajam 
Sarojini New Life Centre 
Sarojni Naidu Mahila Vikas Avam Kalyan Sansthan 
Sarrathika Sahodarya Samithi 
Sarrcap Social Action Rural Rehabilitation 
Sarswati Devi Siksha Samiti 
Sarswati Educational Society 
Sarswati Sevabhavi Sanstha 
Sarswati Vedic Sanstha(Arya Kanya Sadan) 
Sarth Mahila Vikas Sanstha 
Sarthak Manav Kushth Ashram 
Sarto Sadanam 
Saru Technical & Agricultural Rural Society 
SARUHA Organization 
Sarv Mangla Welfare Society 
Sarv Sewa Sansthan 
Sarv Vikas Mandal Shikshan Sansthan 
Sarva Bhartiya Hanuman Sanker Mandal 
Sarva Hitaishi Shikshan Samiti 
Sarva Jiv Hitavaha 
Sarva Kalyan Sansthan 
Sarva Manav Hitkari Samiti 
Sarva Seva Educational Trust 
Sarva Seva Gramodyog Samity 
Sarva Seva Sangh 
Sarva Sewa Trust 
Sarva Vidyalaya Kelvani Mandal 
Sarvabhaumic Manav Krishi Vikas Sansthan 
Sarvagna Cultural Trust 
Sarvahitkari Dharmarth Nyas (Regd.) 
Sarvajan Kalyan Samiti 
Sarvajanik Education Society 
Sarvajanik Gram Sudharak Prasarak Mdl 
Sarvajanik Gramin Vikas Sansthan 
Sarvajanik Hospital Trust 
Sarvajanik Kalyan Kendra 
Sarvajanik Mahila Seva Sangh 
Sarvajanik Medical Trust 
Sarvajanik Pariwar Kalyan and Sewa Samiti 
Sarvajanik Public Charitable Trust 
Sarvajanik Shiksha Sansthan 
Sarvajanik Utkarsha Mandal 
Sarvakagatik Virakt Math 
Sarvangan Gramin Vikas Sewa Sansthan 
Sarvangeen Gram Vikas Mandal - PRAYAS 
Sarvangeen Mahila Evam Yuva 
Sarvangeen Vikas Seva Samiti 
Sarvangin Gram Vikas Mandal 
Sarvangin Gramin Vikas Avam Prasikshan Samiti 
Sarvangin Manav Vikas Sanstha 
Sarvaraya Educational Trust 
Sarvartha Samkshema Samiti 
Sarvesham Seva Sangh 
Sarvik Gram Vikas Kendra 
Sarvik Vivekananda Gram Seva Sanstha 
Sarvjanik Shikshanagar Sansthan 
Sarvjanik Vikas Seva Sansthan 
Sarvodalia Manav Vikas Kendra 
Sarvoday Bhoomiputra Vikas Mandal 
Sarvoday Hospital 
Sarvoday Karma Mandali 
Sarvoday Parivar Trust 
Sarvoday Seva Gram Sewashram Samiti 
Sarvoday Seva Sanstha 
Sarvoday Sewa Ashram Sansthan 
Sarvoday Sewa Samiti 
Sarvoday Shikshan Sansthan 
Sarvodaya Adarsha Yuvajana Sangham 
Sarvodaya Ashram, Nalanda 
Sarvodaya Blood Bank and Research Centre 
Sarvodaya Education & Voluntary Association 
Sarvodaya Education and Welfare Society 
Sarvodaya Gram Vikas Sansthan 
Sarvodaya Grama Sevak Sangh 
Sarvodaya Gramin Vikas Samiti 
Sarvodaya Gramin Vikas Sera Sansthan 
Sarvodaya International Trust 
Sarvodaya Jan Kalyan Ashram - Non Formal 
Sarvodaya Khadi Gramodyog Sadan 
Sarvodaya Nano Finance Limited 
Sarvodaya Parivar Trust 
Sarvodaya Pashu Vikas Sahakari Mandali Limited 
Sarvodaya Pustakalaya Shikshan Evam Vikash Sanstha 
Sarvodaya Relief Committee 
Sarvodaya Salesian Society 
Sarvodaya Samiti 
Sarvodaya Sarswati Mandir 
Sarvodaya Seva Sangh 
Sarvodaya Seva Sansthan 
Sarvodaya Sewa Ashram 
Sarvodaya Sewa Mandal 
Sarvodaya Sewa Samiti 
Sarvodaya Shiksha Evam Vikas Sansthan 
Sarvodaya Shikshan Mandal 
Sarvodaya Society 
Sarvodaya Vikas Ashram 
Sarvodaya Women Welfare Society 
Sarvodaya Youth Organisation 
Sarvodya Gramudyog Sewa Sansthan 
Sarvodya Mahila Utthan Samiti 
Sarvodya Pashu Vikas Sahkari Mandli Ltd. 
Sarvodya Vikas Sanstha 
Sarwangin Gram Vikas Kendra 
Sarwangin Vikas Yojana 
Sashibhusan Seba Sangha 
Sashibhushan Karma Kendra 
Sasthamkotta Lake Protection and Redemption Council 
Sasum Mitra Mandal 
Sat Prachar Press Society 
Sat Prakasan Sangh St. Anthony's Church 
Sat Prakashan Sanchar Kendra 
Sat Tal Christian Ashram 
Sat Tal Estate Association 
Satchikitsa Prasarak Mandal 
Sate Institute Of Rural Development Etc 
Sategoan Educational Society 
Satem Vibhag Kelvani Mandal 
Satem Vibhag Medical Trust 
Satguru Kabir Smarak Sansthan 
Satguru Sangh Charitable Trust 
Sathangai Archdiocesan Centre For Arts And Communications Society 
Sathatha Haritha Society 
Sathee Society for Advancement in Tribes Health Education Environment 
Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Brindavanam Trust 
Sathi 'o' Sarathi 
Sathi Sansthan 
Sathya Bharati 
Sathya Shri Seva Society 
Sathya Veda Samaj 
Sathyachithra Social Service Society 
Sathyalam Trust 
Sathyalok Charitable Trust 
Sathyam Smaraka Mahila Samajam 
Sathyam Trust 
Sathyan Memorial Arts And Sports Club 
Sathyan Samaraka Mahila Samajam 
Satikanta Guha Foundation 
Satilapore Annonta Samaj Unayan Samiti 
Satindra Smriti Samsad 
Satish Chandra Agarwal Memorial Charitable Trust 
Satlaj Adivasi Mahila Mandal - Non Formal 
Satmarg Foundation 
Satna Diocesan Society 
Satnam Seva Ashram 
Satpuda Foundation 
Satpuda Institute of Education & Rural Development 
Satpuda Rural Development Society 
Satpuda Vikas Mandal 
Satpura Adivasi Vikas Samiti 
Satpura Integrated Rural Development Institute 
Satpura Vigyan Sabha 
Satribari Christian Hospital 
Satsang Sahyog Samiti 
Sattya Seba Sangha 
Saturangam Sanskrutic Gusthi 
Satya - Shanti 
Satya Ahinsa Bal Vidyalaya Samiti 
Satya Bharati 
Satya Dharma Foundation 
Satya Jeevan Leprosy Sangha 
Satya Jothi 
Satya Niketan Dharna Vigyan Mahavidyalay 
Satya Path 
Satya Sambhu Organisation 
Satya Sewa Christian Association 
Satya Shodhan Ashram 
Satya Sodh 
Satyabhama Youth Club 
Satyakam Shiksha Samiti 
Satyamurthi Centre For Democractic Studies 
Satyanarayan Yuba Club 
Satyanarayan Yubak Sangha 
Satyasodhak Mahila Vikas Mandal 
Satyendra K Dubey Memorial Fund Indian Institute of Technology 
Satyug Darshan Trust 
Sau Mathurabai Bhausaheb Thorat Sevabhavi Trust 
Saubhagya Jan Kalyan Samiti 
Saurahtra Jaldhara Trust 
Saurashtra Economic Development Centre 
Saurashtra Education Foundation 
Saurashtra Gandhiji Gramodhan Trust 
Saurashtra Kidney Research Institute 
Saurashtra Medical Centre 
Saurashtra Medical Education Charitable Trust 
Saurashtra Voluntary Actions 
Saurastra Rachanatakam Samitee 
Sauri Vivekananda Manab Kalyan Samity 
Sav Lakhmi Yenprediwar Shikshan Sanstha 
Savali Association for Mentally Retarded and Cerebral Palsy Children 
Savarkundla Patel Kelvani Mandal 
Save a Child's Heart Foundation 
Save A Family Plan 
Save A Family Plan (india) 
Save A Family Plan Diocese Of Chikmagalur Seva Samsthe 
Save A Family Plan India 
Save Child India Programme (SCIP) 
Save Delhi Campaign Network 
Save India Foundation 
Save New Bombay Committee 
Save the Children Canada 
Save The Children Committee 
Save The Children Fund 
Save The Children Fund Sponsorship Committee 
Save The Children Home 
Save The Children India 
Save the Lost Christian Pet 
Savera School for the Mentally Handicapped & Child Guidance Clinic 
Savera Special School - MSWC 
Savi Educational & Environmental Trust 
Savio Bhavan Azimganj Murshidabad 
Savio Boys Town 
Savio Home Orphanage 
Savio Youth Centre 
Savior's Heartbeat 
Saviours Social Welfare Education Society 
Savitha Mahila Sangha 
Savitri Bai Phule Mahila Mandal 
Savitri Mahila Vikas Prakshikshan Sansthan 
Savitribai Fule Shikshan Prasarak Mandal 
Savitribai Phule Mahila Udyogik Sangathan Sansthan 
Savitribai Phule Sarvajanik Wachnalaya 
Savitribai Pule Mahila Mandal 
Savta Mali Samaj Vikas Shaikshanik & Bahuddeshiya Mandal 
Savya Sanchi Centre for Urban and Rural Development - Non Formal 
Sawali Niradhar Stree Kalyan Sanstha 
Sawan Kirpal 
Sawan Kirpal Public Spiritual Society 
Sawed Trust Centre For Social Action Women's Education And Development 
Sawek Charitable Society 
Sawoss Charitable Trust 
Sawthelle Memorial School 
Sayama Educational and Welfare 
Sbey Sangha 
SBM Rural Development Centre 
Sboa Institute For Trade Union Education And Research 
SC, ST & BC Weaker Section Upliftment Society 
SC, ST, BC and Minority Welfare Seva Sanga 
SC/ST Backward Women & Children Development Organisation in Rural Area 
SCAN-INDIA Society for Community Action Network-India 
Scheduled Caste Welfare Centre 
Scheme Trust 
Schieffeline Leprosy Research and Training Centre 
Schizophrenia Research Foundation 
Schoenstatt Fathers St.Johns Schoenstatt Seminary 
Schoenstatt Secular Insitute 
Scholarship For Higher Edu For Women 
School For Partially Hearing 
School For Potential Advancement & Restoration Of Confidence India 
School For The Blind 
School for The Blind & Hostel 
School For The Deaf And Blind 
School For The Deaf Children 
School Health Action &training Project 
School of Christ International 
School of Deaf by Indian Redcross Society 
School of Desert Science 
School of Fine Arts 
School Of Fundamental Research 
School Of Higher Academy & Litercy Org 
School Of Human Genetics And Population Health 
School Of Planning & Arcitecture 
School Of Women's Studies 
School Sisters Of St. Francis 
Schumacher Institute of Appropriate Technology and Rural Development 
Science & Technical Centre for Community Development 
Science and Educational Technology 
Science Association of Bengal 
Science aur Kainat Society of India 
Science Centre 
Science Teachers' Forum 
Scientific Education Development For Community Organisation 
Scientific Educational Promotion & Medical Aid Foundation 
Scientific Services 
Scientific Society for Ecosphere Awareness 
Scope Plus 
Scope Trust 
Scott Memorial Womens Hostel 
Scottish Church College 
Scottlane Poverty Eradication Centre 
Scripture Applied Leadership Trng Institute 
Scripture Gift Mission 
Scripture Inion And C S S M India 
Scripture Literature Publishers Trust 
Scripture Ministries Trust 
Scripture Union & CSSM Council Of India 
SDA Higher Secondary School 
SDA Narsapur High School 
Seagull Foundation for the Arts 
Seamands Boys Hostel Gulbarga 
Seamonds Boys Hostel 
Search (Society for Education, Action, & Research in Community Health) 
Search for Action and Knowledge for Tribal Initiative 
Search Swayam Seva Abhivrudhi Samsthe 
Search, Guntur 
Seba O Sanskar 
Seba Sangha 
Sebak Samity 
Sebama Charitable Foundation 
Sebanjali Mahila Samiti 
Sebayan Sangha 
Secana Sadanam Social Service Centre 
Second Wind Dreams 
Sector Asia Medical Mission Srs.society 
Secular Fran. Order 
Secular Institute Of Voluntas Dei India Region 
Secular Rural Development Society 
SEDA Society for Empowerment and Development Action 
Sedish Mission Hospital 
Seebanika(Women Training Institute) 
SEED - Socio Economic and Educational Development Society 
SEED Society for the Educational and Economic Development 
Seed Welfare Society 
Seeds Organisation 
SEEDS Socio Economic and Educational Development Society 
Seekers Trust Sadhana Kendra Ashram 
Seelamsetty Satyanarayana Ramayamma Foundation 
Seema Nazareth Endowment for the Girl Child 
Seema Shikshan Samiti 
Seeta Gramoudyog Vikas Sansthan 
Seethakathi Trust 
Sehat Sewa Society 
Sehgal Foundation 
Select Book Publisherss 
Self Development Institute 
Self Employed Welfare Association 
Self Employed Welfare Society 
Self Employed Womens Association for Backward Area Network and Knowledge 
Self Employed Women's Welfare Association 
Self Employed Workers Association Kendra 
Self Employment Centre 
Self Employment Voluntary Association 
Self Help Association for Rural Education and Employment 
Self Help Handicrafts Society 
Self Help Promotion For Health And Rural Development 
Self Reliant Development Catalysts 
SELF-ENDEAVOR Swayam Krishi 
Seminary Council 
Seminary of Our Lady Saligao 
Sempatti Hill Initiators For Biological Development 
Senand Road Rural Development Society 
Senapati District Economic Development Association 
Senapati District Youth Council 
Senapati Tribal Farmers Society 
Senate Of Serampore College 
Seng Kynjoh Shaphrang Ki Kynthei Kyndong Tuber 
Senior Citizen's Association 
Senior Citizens Council 
Senior Citizens Forum 
Senior Citizens Welfare Association 
Senior Citizens Welfare Committee Durgapur 
Senlipur Udayan Club 
Sense International 
Sense International India 
Seondara Community Development Project 
Separate Baptist In Christ India Mission 
Serampore Seva Sadan 
Serango Christian Hospital 
Seraphic Provincial House 
Seraphic Social Centre 
Seraphina Seva Samaj 
SERD, SCs,/STs and Christians Welfare 
Serdup Choling (Trust) 
Serene Secular Social Service Society 
Serene Services 
Serum Institute Of India Research Foundation 
Servant of the Disabled & Disadvantaged 
Servants Of Charity 
Servants Of Jesus Christ Welfare Sociey 
Servants Of The People Society 
Serve and Share Association 
Serve India 
Serve Soceity 
Serve the Society For Empowerment and Women Advancement 
Serve the Women and Poor Trust 
Service & Education Welfare Action 
Service & Res.Foundation Of Asia On Family 
Service & Research Foundation of Asia on Family & Culture 
Service And Action Society 
Service And Education For Village Awareness And Improvement Sarai Garden 
Service and Education for Welfare Action 
Service Association for the Blind 
Service Centre 
Service Centre For The Disabled 
Service Centre Xaviernagar 
Service Civil International 
Service Ernakulam Keralal Social Welfare Society 
Service Essential to Economic Development Organisation 
Service For Advancement Of Rural Development 
Service For Humanity & Education 
Service Guild Of Assissi Sisters 
Service Health Organisation 
Service India Trust 
Service Land 
Service of Society 
Service Of Society Medical & Educational Foundation 
Service Of The Common Mass 
Service Society 
Service Society for Employment Rehabilitatiion and Voice in Creating 
Service Society Of The Daughters Of St Mary Paediatric Hospital 
Service To Humanity Foundation 
Service Youth India 
Services Association Of Sda Pvt.Ltd 
Serving People In Need 
Servite Social Service Society 
Servites Of The Poor 
Set - Win Society 
Seth Chhadamilal Jain Rotary Eye Hospital Trust Society 
Seth Mannoolal Das Trust Hospital 
Seth Sunder Lal Jain Charitable Hospital 
Seth Tara Chand Ramnath Chaturved Hospital 
Setu - Centre For Social Knowledge 
Setu-Ghar Kamgar Sangam 
Setukaran Sansthan 
Setwin Society For Comm Education And Economic Development 
Seuji Mahila Samaj 
Seva Ashram Charitable Trust 
Seva Bharat 
Seva Bharathi 
Seva Bharti Foundation 
Seva Chakkara Samajam 
Seva Chakra 
Seva Dham Community Service Association 
Seva Dhan 
Seva Gram Ashram Pratisthan 
Seva Kendra 
Seva Kendra Bishop's House 
Seva Kendra Borduria 
Seva Kendra Calcutta 
Seva Mahila Mandali 
Seva Mandal 
Seva Mandal Parivar Kalyan Yojna 
Seva Mandir 
Seva Mandir Old Fatehpura 
Seva Medical and Education Society 
Seva Niketan 
Seva Nilayam 
Seva Nilayam Social Centre 
Seva Nilayam Society 
Seva Sadan Church Society 
Seva Sadan Eye Hospital Trust 
Seva Sadan Social Centre 
Seva Sadan Society 
Seva Sadan XIV 
Seva Sadanam 
Seva Sagar 
Seva Sahakar Welfare Organisation 
Seva Sahitya Sansad 
Seva Samaj 
Seva Samiti 
Seva Samuha Society 
Seva Sangh 
Seva Sangh Mahila Samity 
Seva Sangh Samiti 
Seva Sangha 
Seva Sansthan 
Seva Trust 
Seva Voluntary Organisation 
Seva Vrata District Level Youth Organisation 
Seva, Secunderabad 
Sevadaan Special School 
Sevadham Trust 
Sevagram Trust 
Sevak Sangha 
Sevan Women's Welfare Society 
Sevanalaya Rural Heath Programme 
Sevaniketan Welfare Centre 
Sevasadana Koramangula 
Sevashram Deepttishi 
Sevashram Trust 
Sevayatan Kalyan Kendra,Swarabodhan Niketan Special School for Hearing & Mentally Handicapped 
Seven Seas Socio Economic Development Society 
Sevena Bhavan Social Centre 
Seventh Day Adventist English High School 
Seventh Day Adventist High School 
Seventh Day Adventist Int Pvt Ltd 
Seventh Day Adventist Matriculation Higher Secondary School 
Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement South India Mission 
Seventh Day Adventist School 
Seventh Day Adventists English School 
Sevgram Vikas Sansthan 
Sevika Niketan 
Sewa Ashram 
Sewa Bharat Sewa Reception Centre 
Sewa Bharati 
Sewa Bharati Gandhi Ashram 
Sewa Bharti Gujarat 
Sewa Bhavan Hospital Society 
Sewa International 
Sewa Kendra 
Sewa Mandir 
Sewa Niketan 
Sewa Punjab India Eye Hospital 
SEWA Rural 
Sewa Sadan 
Sewa Sadan Dilsada Kendra 
Sewa Sadan Kusht Ashram 
Sewa Sahayata Samitti 
Sewa Samuha Society Daughters of Church 
Sewa Sangama 
Sewa Sankalp Evam Vikas Samiti 
Sewa Surabhi 
Sex Education Councelling Research Training Centre 
SFE Society for Empowerment 
Sfs Public Ations 
Sgr Technical And Educational Society 
Sh Virendra Nath Jamna Das Chaudhary Trust 
Sh. Akhil Anjana Kelvani Mandal 
Sh. Baldevdas Charitable Trust 
Sh. Halari Visha Oswal Swetamber Murtipujak 
Sh. Malan Visha Oswal Sarvapinik Panjarapale Khambhalia 
Sh. Mani Ram Dass Chhawni Seva Trust 
Sh. Pushpa Parickapillyil Charitable Trust 
Sh. Ramayan Mela Samiti 
Sh.Anantlal T Shah 
Sh.Jaysukhlal Chhaganlal Vadhar Charitable Trust 
Sh.Ramdeo Baba Satsang Mandal 
Shabbir Memorial Education Society 
Shadman Home 
Shadows Soloman Nursing Home 
Shah Education & Medical Foundation 
Shah Faiz Memorial Muslim Education Society 
Shah Nangpar Raymal Charitable Trust 
Shahari Evam Grameen Vikas Seva Sansthan 
Shaheed Abdul Hameed Education Society 
Shaheed Bachchan Smarak Pustakalaya 
Shaheed Hemu Kalani Educational Society 
Shahi Education Society 
Shahi Gramodyog Sansthan 
Shahid Bhagatsingh Mitra Mandal 
Shaikshanik Evam Samajik Utthan Samiti 
'Shaishav' - Bachav 
Shaishav Block 
Shakriben Mangaldas Charitable Trust 
Shakthi Nagar Rotary Club Trust 
Shakti Foundation 
Shakti Sadhana Sansthan 
Shakti Shalini 
Shakti Social Cultural And Sporting Organisation (SSCSO) 
Shakti Vardhini 
Shaktikrupa Charitable Trust 
Shakuntala Bidyadhar Trust 
Shalem Society 
Shaligram Shikshan & Samajkalyan Sanstha 
Shalinghur Development Trust 
Shalom Biblical Baptist Church 
Shalom Childrens Home 
Shalom Christian Education & Service Trust 
Shalom Crech 
Shalom Economical & Educational Development Society 
Shalom Methodist Church 
Shalom Ministries 
Shalon Sahavev Kunta 
Shaluk Para Madrasah Ashraful Uloom 
Shama Sarwajanik Sanstha 
Shama Vikas Samiti 
Shamala Vidya Vardak Sangh 
Shamatore Community Development Project 
Shamayita Math 
Shambhala Charitable Trust 
Shambhunath Singh Research Foundation 
Shamima Urdu Girls High School 
Shankar Gramodyog Sewa Sansthan 
Shankar Hazari & Garment 
Shankara Foundation 
Shanker Gramodhyog Sewa Sansthan 
Shanr Publications Mochane Mansion 
Shanta Memorial Rehabilitation Centre 
Shantha Jeeva Jyothi 
Shanthi Ashram 
Shanthi Bhawan Convent 
Shanthi Educational Society 
Shanthi Gramabhudaya Sangam 
Shanthi Kalyana Mahila Mandali 
Shanthi Mahila Mandali 
Shanthi Medical And Rehabilitation Centre 
Shanthi Neethi Kendra 
Shanthi Niketan Shikshan Sanstha 
Shanthi Nilayam Social Centre 
Shanthi Rural Development Society 
Shanthi Sadanam 
Shanthi SC, ST & BC Abhyudaya Sangham 
Shanthi Seva Sadan 
Shanthi Welfare Association for the Deaf, Blind and Handicapped 
Shanthimalai Handicraft Development Society 
Shanthimalai Research & Development Trust 
Shanthimalai Trust 
Shanthini Niketan Residential Institution for Mentally Handicapped 
Shanth-Vana Trust 
Shanti Ashram 
Shanti Avedna Ashram 
Shanti Bal Mandir 
Shanti Bhagini of Maria Sangh 
Shanti Bhavan 
Shanti Bhavan Balika Mandiram 
Shanti Bhavan MBC High School Compound 
Shanti Daan 
Shanti Devi Dalit Mahila Jan Sewa Samiti 
Shanti English Nursery Primary School 
Shanti Family Helper Project 
Shanti Grama Abhudaya Sangam 
Shanti Madhom Trust 
Shanti Mahila Grah Udyog Coop Society 
Shanti Maitri Mission Santhan 
Shanti Niketan 
Shanti Niketan Bhagini 
Shanti Niketan Mahila Kadnay Samiti 
Shanti Nilayam Benedictine Sister's Society 
Shanti Nivas (Old Age Home) 
Shanti Nivas Charitable Religious Social Welfare Society 
Shanti Nivas Church Society 
Shanti Prema Seva Samajam 
Shanti Sadan 
Shanti Sadan College Hostel 
Shanti Sadan Girls Hostel 
Shanti Sadan Society 
Shanti Sadhana Ashram 
Shanti Sarvodaya Sansthan 
Shanti Service Society 
Shanti Seva Aashram 
Shanti Sewa Mandal 
Shanti Shikshan Seva Ashram 
Shanti Swarup Memorial Educational Society 
Shantidhara Service Society 
Shantimalai Trust 
Shantiniketana Educational & Welfare Trust 
Shantipur Madrasha Imdadul Uloom 
Shantisagar Samaj Sewa Sangh 
Shanty Bhavan Bharata Matha College 
Shape Up India 
Shara International Liaison Cell 
Sharad Samagara Gramin Vikas Sanstha 
Sharan Methodist Church 
Sharan Society For Service To Urban Poverty 
Sharda Ashram And Delavya Chikitsalaya 
Sharda Committee Educational and Rural Development Society 
Sharda Dhmavantri Charitable Hospital 
Sharda Education Samiti 
Sharda Environmental Centre 
Sharda Environmental Conservation Centre 
Sharda Mahila Gramodhyog Sewa Sansthan 
Sharda Mandir Trust 
Sharda Shiksha Samiti 
Sharda Vidyapith 
Shardy Kakaj Kala Gramodyog Sewa Sansthan 
SHARE - Society To Heal, Aid, Restore, Educate 
Share & Care 
Share & Care Children Welfare Society 
Share In Asia 
Share- Indnet 
Share Medical Care 
SHARE Microfin Ltd. 
SHARE Society for Helping Awakening Rural Poor through Education 
Share the World Ministries 
Sharehouse Charitable Foundation 
Sharfia Educational & Welfare Society 
Sharika Charitable Trust 
Sharmik Bharti 
Sharmila Gramin Shilp Kala Kendra 
Sharmistha Balika Higher Secondary School Samiti 
Sharmjivi Vividkaryakari Gram Vikas Mandal 
Sharom Educational Society 
Sharon Bible College 
Sharon Charitable Trust 
Sharon Childrens Home 
Sharon Community Development Project 
Sharon Fellowship Church 
Sharon Gospel Trust 
Sharon Social Welfare Society 
Sharon Trust 
Sharp Educational Trust 
Sharp Memorial School for Blind 
Shashikiya Bahuudeshiya Sanmitra Apang Kendra 
Shashwat Sahbhagi Sanstha 
Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute 
Shastri Nagar Indira Gandhi Samuga Nala 
Shastri School 
Shat Monisha Sant Sangha Mohila Samity 
Shatau Bhavan 
Shatayu Bhavan 
Shathasrunga Vidya Samasthe 
Shechen Rabjam Public Charitable Trust 
Sheed Memorial Society 
Sheel Mahila Mandal 
Sheetal Ganj Gramodyog Sewa Samiti 
Sheetalganj Gramodyog Sewa Samiti 
Shefi Bhavan 
Sheila Kothavala Institute for Deaf 
Shejar Chaya 
Shekhavasi Trust 
Shekhavati Vikas Nidhi 
Shekinah Foundation 
Shekinah Gospel Prayer Fellowship 
Shekinah Institute of Rehabilitation and Welfare of Disabled 
Sheldon Endowment And Special Project 
Shelter Associate 
Shelter Don Bosco 
Shelter of Love Charitable Trust 
Shepherd Widows Home 
Shepherds Mission Trust 
Sheratgarh Environmental Society 
Sheri Gram Vikas Sansthan 
Shermal Sona Devi Charitable Trust 
Sherman Hostel Fair Field Mission Compound 
Sherman School Fair Field 
Shertally Womens Welfare Service Co.op.Society 
Sheth Anandji Kalyanji 
Sheth Nathlal Nagardas Sarvajanik Hospital 
Sheth Vadilal Sarabhai General Hospital and Sheth Chinai Maternity Hospital 
Shi loh Church Ministries 
Shibchak Tapasili Samaj Agrani Club 
Shiberbandh Adibasi Mahila Unnayan Samity 
Shibkalingar(N) Welfare Society 
Shibnathpur Yuba Sangha 
Shibrampur Milan Tirtha 
Shice Vardhaman Jivdaya Kendra 
Shija Health Care & Research Institute 
Shikaripara Samaagra Vikas Parishad 
Shikasta Jeeula Jateeya Seva Sangham 
Shikhar Sanskratik Vikash Samiti 
Shiksa Avam Jan Kalyan Samiti 
Shiksha Avam Gramin Vikas Kendra 
Shiksha Bharti 
Shiksha Evam Jan Kalyan Samiti 
Shiksha Mandal 
Shiksha Vikas Sabha 
Shikshan Ane Samaj Kalyan Kendra 
Shikshan Kalyan Parishad 
Shikshan Prasarak Mandal 
Shikshantar-The People's Inst. For Rethinking Education & Development 
Shikshit Rojgar Kendra Prabhandak Samiti 
Shikshit Yuva Sewa Samiti 
Shiksit Rojgar Kendra Prabhandak Samiti 
Shiloh Biblical Ministries 
Shilp Sadhana 
Shilp Sadhana 
Shilpa Society For The Mentally Handicapped 
Shilpa Trust 
Shilpendu Gramodaya Prathisthan 
Shilpi Agarwal 
Shilpi Sansthan 
Shirale Samudayik Sahkari Shetkari Society 
Shirdi Sai Baba Centre for Spiritual Awakening and Holistic Health 
Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Activity Centre 
Shirdi Sai Baba Yuvjana Sangham 
Shirdi Sai Rural Institute 
Shirdi Saibaba Andha Vrudha Mahilashram 
Shiridi Sai Baba Yuvajawa Sangham 
Shish Mania Darul Uloom 
Shishu Bhawan Missionaries of Charity 
Shishu Kalyan Kendra 
Shishu Mandir 
Shishu Mangal 
Shishu Mangal Trust 
Shishu Milap 
Shishu Sangopan Griha 
Shishu Sarothi Centre for Rehabilitation and Training for Multiple Disability 
Shishu Sarothi Spastic Society of Assam 
Shishu Shiksha Sadan Evam Primary Pathshala Bhabhnauli 
Shishu Welfare Trust of India 
Shishuadhar For The Child 
Shishuraksha Family Helper Project 
Shishyatwad Tarabeti Kendra 
Shiv Gramodyog Samiti 
Shiv Gramodyog Sansthan 
Shiv Gramodyog Vikas Sansthan 
Shiv Kalyam Evam Shikshan Samiti 
Shiv Kalyan Shikshan Samiti 
Shiv Samaj Kalyan Sansthan 
Shiv Santosh Sewa Parishad 
Shiv Shakti Gramodyog Sansthan 
Shiv Shakti Kelvani Mandal 
Shiv Shakti Kelvani Mandal, Dahod 
Shiv Shakti Kusht Ashram 
Shiv Shiksha Samiti 
Shiva Gram Udyog Mandal 
Shiva Kunda Human Welfare Association 
Shiva Shakti People Development Communication 
Shivaji Yuvajana Sangham 
Shivalik Foundation 
Shivalik Rural Development & Women Welfare Society 
Shivam Charitable Trust 
Shivam Mahila Shikshan Prasarak Mandal 
Shivam Seva Sansthan 
Shivam Sewa Sada 
Shivam Social Development Society - Non Formal 
Shivam Women and Children Welfare Society 
Shivananda Math and Yogashram Sangha 
Shivanandra Parivar 
Shivangi Education and Rural Development Society 
Shivani Bahudeshiya Prashikshan Sansthan 
Shivanjali Trust 
Shivas Education Society 
Shivasharana Channaiah 
Shivav Gram Utthan Sewa Sansthan 
Shivpuri Zila Seva Sangh 
Shivsadan Renewable Energy Research Institute 
Shivshankar Bahuuddeshiya Seva Bhavi Vikash Sanstha,Kalgaon 
Shiwam Gramodyag Awam Samaj Seva Sansthan 
Shiya Imami Ismailia Schol Board H.H. 
Shkalom C.D.Project 
Shnatinagar Development Project 
Shneo Anjam Guru Vayurappa Dashmi Trust 
Shobha Foundation 
Shodh -The Inst.For Research & Development 
Shohratgarh Environmental Society 
Shoshan Unmoolan Parishad 
Shoshit Sewa Sansthan 
Shoshit-Pidit Seva Sansthan 
Showers of Blessing 
Showraberia Nivedita Seva Niketan 
Shraddha Charitable Trust 
Shraddha Rehabilitation Foundation 
Shraddhanand Mahilashram 
Shradha Samiti 
Shram Mandir Trust 
Shram Niketan Sansthan 
Shram Seva Nyas 
Shramabharati Khadigram - Non Formal 
Shramajivi Boudhashiya Pratishthan 
Shramajivi Mahila Samiti 
Shramajivi Unnayan 
Shramajivi Unnyan Gobarghusi 
Shramik Abhivuradhi Sangh 
Shramik Bharti 
Shramik Gramodhyogi Seva 
Shramik Janata Vikas Sanstha 
Shramik Kalyan Sanstha 
Shramik Mahila Mandal 
Shramik Manch Gramin Vikas Kendra 
Shramik Sahayog 
Shramik Sahayog, Ratnagiri Zilla Gramin Vikas Prakalp 
Shramik Sakti Sangha 
Shramik Seva Sansthan 
Shramik Sewa Kendra 
Shramik Varg Avam Soshit Varg Gramin Vikas Sansthan 
Shramik Varg Evam Nirbal Varg Vikas Sansthan 
Shramik Vidyapeeth 
Shramik Vikas Sansthan 
Shramik Vikas Sewa Ashram 
Shramika Vikas Kendram 
Shramjeevi Vikas Manch 
Shramjivi Janata Sahayak Mandal